Translation of an article featuring Casa Pocito that appeared in the May/June 2006 issue of Ambientes magazine

In the old neighborhood of Santa Ana in Merida exists this beautiful home, it is the result of a division of much larger colonial construction. But its reduced size just affirms that “the smallest bottles contain the best perfumes”.

Entering from the sunny sidewalk, one needs to wait a little before the eyes allow you to appreciate the interior of this home. Little by little it reveals itself to the visitor…a charming view that is difficult to forget. It seems as if the entry way was designed as a place to shake off the noise and stress from the outside world and then to best prepare the senses to fully enjoy all that this home has to offer.

Unlike most narrow colonial houses, this one does not have the long hallways, instead this house is all about a sequence of spaces with tall ceilings, rock walls and beautiful tile floors. Casa Pocito has been refurbished to its original quality while introducing modern technology to make it more comfortable without sacrificing its original character. The one responsible for this restoration is the well known architect Salvador Reyes Rios to whom we should be grateful for his contribution in the rescue of various homes from the historic center in the city of Merida.

The current owners feel extremely fortunate to be able to enjoy this home, and inspired by its beauty they have decorated it with a mixture of furniture and pieces that are modern, contemporary, rustic and classic. They have added art pieces from their own collection and local antiques. Without inhibition or prejudice, they simply have allowed themselves to be guided by what makes them feel good. The results reflect a relaxed, rich environment which makes reference to Southern Spain’s Andalucia region.

On one side of the entry hall is one of the two bedrooms which is furnished with well chosen pieces. The four poster bed has the carved finials which are elaborate elements from the Colonial period. On the other side, there is a bathroom and a small closet. From the entry hall, the estancia with its oversized door in an arc shape leads transparently to the central patio. Another archway from the estancia leads to the dining room with its simple furnishings. The principal statement here is a great iron chandelier designed by the owners and which without looking heavy fills the grand space between the ceiling and the table in a spectacular way.

One of the most important spaces is the central patio, which without any doubt is the soul of the home. Thanks to this small patio, the sun light penetrates the interior and the sound from the water fountain fills every corner of the house. On one side of the patio, the dining room joins the kitchen which is in the original colonial style and is colored an intense shade of violet blue.

At the back there is a full bath and a small hallway to the master bedroom with an iron canopy bed made by Yucatecas hands. Through the open doors you can enjoy views of the vibrant rose color bougainvillea and hear the gentle sounds of water. To one side of this bedroom, there is a studio with views to both the interior patio and to the Moroccan inspired pool surrounded by beautiful landscaping of plants, flowers and stones. After strolling through all the spaces of the home, the result is a wonderfully enchanted place that is very difficult to leave.

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